Type 4 Flywheel Shims

Type 4 Flywheel Shims

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Volkswagen Type 4 Flywheel Shims

Please remember that there is specified tolerance in the book when setting your thrust play. Make for certain that you are at around .102mm (.004"). Nothing is perfect and these have roughly a .0127mm (.0005") tolerance that can make them run slightly larger or smaller. 


If you set your thrust to .102mm (.004") and need a 1.06mm (.0417") shim stack. This means that at room temp your thrust stack may vary from between .121mm (.0048") - .083 (.0033") which is completely within specification according to the Robert Bentley manual.

 An easy way to make sure you get within your tolerance is to order various sizes or a few of each to get tolerance variations to exactly where you want them.

If you know the exact sizes you need, I can mic various shims that I have in stock till the desired thickness is achieved. 

Measurement Conversion:

1in = 25.4mm