40mm Kadron Phenolic Insulator

40mm Kadron Phenolic Insulator

GansMann Industries Exclusive

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Fits: Kadron Style Carbs

These will ONLY work with the Berg style linkage.

WILL NOT WORK IF YOUR CROSS BAR LINKAGE IS ROUTED UNDER THE ALT/GEN. There is not enough clearance and will cause the linkage to rub against the Alt/Gen body.

These are a quick fix for carburetors being subject to "heat soak," where fuel is boiling in the float bowl. Modern fuel begins to boil around 160 degrees Fahrenheit at sea level, but can vary with ethanol content. I've found that the issue began on a Type 4 bus motor when the carburetors reached around 150 degrees F.

Please verify that your float settings and fuel pressure are to spec before ordering spacer, If either of those are the underlying cause, it can be a waste of money to put insulating spacers on.

If you're sure you have the carbs set right but you get the percolator drip on shut down, feel the carbs 5-10 minutes after shutting the motor off. If they are very warm to the touch you probably have heat soak issues.

Sold per carburetor.