Dual Barrel Solex 40 PII to Weber IDF Adapter

Dual Barrel Solex 40 PII to Weber IDF Adapter

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Use these adapters to install Weber IDF style carburetors on your Dual Barrel Solex 40 PII manifolds and vice versa. Please choose which manifold is installed on the engine in the options drop down.

Includes mounting hardware to install onto your manifold. 

Standard Bore size is 40mm 

These are made to order. 

Sold per carburetor


Installation Instructions:

1. Clean off all old gasket material from the manifold they are being installed on.

2. Apply a thin coat of bees wax or Chapstick to both sides of all gaskets. 

3.  Remove carburetor studs if installed in adapter.

4. Install the manifold gaskets and lay the adapter in place.

5. Start all allen cap screws hand tight and torque down in a crisscross pattern evenly making sure that the adapter sits flush. (Final Torque: 12 ft*lbs)

6. Apply a dab of blue loctite to each carburetor stud and thread them in by hand till you feel them stop. (They may now resting on the manifold face below. Any more torque here may damage the mating surface of the original manifold.)

7. Install carburetor gaskets and tighten the carburetor hardware in the same crisscross pattern as step 5. (Final Torque: 12 ft*lbs)

8. Tune and enjoy!