Fuel Injector

Fuel Injector


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  • Type 4 (411/412)
    • 1974
  • Bus (Type 2)
    • 1975-1979
  • Super Beetle
    • 1975-1979
  • Beetle
    • 1975-1978
  • Vanagon
    • Air Cooled : 1980-1983

We also recommend replacing your fuel hoses and fuel filter if you are replacing the injectors. The fuel system can become a fire hazard once the hoses have began to harden or deteriorate from the inside. This may also be why your fuel injectors have begun to clog.

Fuel Filter

7mm Braided Fuel Hose

11mm Braided Fuel Hose

Hose Clamps for our 7mm ID Hose

Hose Camps for our 11mm ID Hose