Upholstery Micro Keychains by Volksbaggin

Upholstery Micro Keychains by Volksbaggin


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Key Fobs – Made to look like the VW Assist Strap!

Our "Volks-Baggin" vintage style key fobs are made from NEW, ORIGINAL STYLE VW (Volkswagen) Beetle, Bus and Camper seat/door panel upholsteries. The pattern, color and texture scheme is a spot-on match of the original fabrics and vinyl’s used from the early '50s to the late '70s.


  • Micro/Mini fob measures 5" around or " 2.5" on each side. 


Tucks easily in your pocket without feeling to bulky
or makes your keys easy to find in your purse.
1" nickel plated strap end and split ring included
Please keep in mind that pattern placement varies. You may not be receiving the exact sample pictured. All items ordered under this listing will be made from the exact same fabric; however the exact placement of the pattern may be slightly different.