Volkswagen 28 - 34 PICT 3 SOLEX Throttle Shaft Bushing Set

Volkswagen 28 - 34 PICT 3 SOLEX Throttle Shaft Bushing Set

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Please take notice: 28-30 PICT carb will require machine work on a precision jig to accept these bushings. I would not advise this procedure unless you are an experienced machinist.


Is your original German carburetor getting to be impossible to tune? 

Grab the throttle shaft and see if there is any play. If there is, its time for new bushings. The play allows un-metered air to flow into the carburetor causing not only tuning problems but performance problems as well.

The original carburetors used plastic bushings which after 40+ years of service need to be replaced. 

The bushings are made of special bearing grade bronze designed specifically for the original German Solex carburetors. Be sure to follow the included instructions EXACTLY. We are not responsible for your failed attempts so if you're unsure of the job, please seek a skilled professional for installation.

Contact us directly if you'd prefer us to do it for you. 


Set of 2


NOTE: These will not fit aftermarket Chinese and some Brazilian carburetors.