Volkswagen/ 356 Porsche Engine Run Stand Adapter (Half Ring)

Volkswagen/ 356 Porsche Engine Run Stand Adapter (Half Ring)

Zalex Industries

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Air-cooled Volkswagen and Porsche engine run stands are a must have tool for anyone that plans on rebuilding their own engines. 

Sourcing bell-housings from buses is getting harder and is a waste of good used parts.

  • Constructed from heavy gauge laser cut steel.
  • Zinc Plated for excellent corrosion resistance
  • Interchangeable starter bushing block to run both 6v and 12v motors on the same stand.
  • Use any air-cooled VW or Porsche starters
  • Only weighs 3.5 lbs for a full ring.

Don't get duped into buying junk engines at swap meets anymore. The half rings are small enough to keep in a large travel toolbox and can be used to start engines that people claim will "Fire right up."

All stands come standard with one starter bushing block of your choice, if you'd like to have both you can order replacements or extras here:

Made in the USA 


Volkswagen/356 Porsche Ring

911/912/914 Porsche

12.5mm I.D. Bushing: VW 36 HP (up to 1960), 109 tooth flywheel, 180mm Clutch, 6v No Starter Bushing: Porsche 911 (up to 1989)

12.5mm I.D. Bushing: VW 40 HP (1961-1966), 109 tooth flywheel, 180mm clutch, 6v

No Starter Bushing: Porsche 912

12.5mm I.D. Bushing: Porsche 356 (All), 109 tooth flywheel, 180-200mm clutch, 6v and 12v

No Starter Bushing: Porsche 914
10mm I.D. Bushing: VW 1500cc and 1600cc (post 1967), 130 tooth flywheel, 200mm clutch, 12v